ICT, Logistics & Healthcare

Marubeni provides comprehensive mobile/ICT services, including public cloud services, system construction/maintenance/operation, wireless data communication services, sales of IT-related devices, and sales of cellular phones and mobile devices through nationwide operation of mobile carrier shops in Japan. Additionally, Marubeni provides construction/maintenance/operation of infrastructure systems, such as telecommunication lines and data centers, and BPO, such as call center operations. Marubeni America seeks new business opportunities that can be exported from the US to enhance our capabilities in Japan and Asian markets.

For many enterprises, both domestic and overseas, the reduction of logistics costs is becoming an important management issue. Based on its ample experience, track record, and diverse performance data and field surveys, Marubeni provides solutions from logistics planning to operations and supports its customers to undergo business transformation in accordance with each of their strategies.

Taking advantage of the environmental changes in the health care/medical field, such as the launch of "Japan revitalization strategy" by the Japanese government, Marubeni promotes the overseas expansion of Japan's medical technologies, the increase of medical fees in the emerging countries, and the expansion of medical tourism on a global scale. Marubeni is focusing to create new businesses in the relevant areas from the perspective of a general trading company.


Marubeni Transport Service Corporation

Third party logistics service provider

Marubeni Information Systems, USA

IT Equipment Seller