Insurance & Real Estate

Marubeni provides diversified insurance services through its vast array of general and life insurance companies, insurance brokerage services providing risk management services based on customers' needs, and reinsurance brokerage services with competitive underwriting capacity.

Marubeni capitalizes on its functions as a highly experienced trading company, and conducts investments in real estate businesses. Marubeni was the first real estate developer to develop condominiums in Japan. Since entering into the condominium business in 1963, Marubeni has supplied 78,000 units under its current condominium brand, the "GRAND-SUITE." With the skills in information gathering and planning that its employees have accumulated over the years, the division has melded to form "the comprehensive strength" that stands as a valuable asset within the company's condominium development business today. This asset drives the creation of "value that transcends time." In addition, the property values of Marubeni's condominiums are rated extremely high. In 2011, 2012 and 2013 Marubeni was the number one company in the appreciation-rate rankings for used condominiums.

Outside Japan, Marubeni runs businesses for developing properties, commercial facilities, and offices. These businesses are concentrated primarily in China and the ASEAN countries. Marubeni has supplied approximately 26,000 units, and is currently working on developing complex facilities including commercial facilities. Along with developing real estate in ASEAN countries, Marubeni provides solutions that meet the diversifying range of real-estate needs. One example of these is the creation of real-estate investment funds in the Singapore market. Marubeni seeks to enter the US real estate market in the near future.


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