MAC markets various textile products together with general merchandise, including footwear, artificial leathers, hides and rubber.

In textiles, we primarily design source, manufacture and market a wide range of quality products that serve both the U.S. and overseas markets. We manufacture garments for apparel wholesalers and retail stores. We also supply woven and nonwoven fabrics to both apparel and industrial manufacturers. We import other related raw materials - mainly yarns, fibers and sell to domestic weavers, knitters, paper producers and carpet manufacturers. We domestically produce knitted fabric for a leading U.S. automotive interior company. And like Marubeni America, many of our customers are market leaders in their fields and hold well-known brand names.

MAC's Hide Department exports U.S. and Canadian hides to European countries including Spain, Italy and Austria, Mexico and Asian countries including China, Korea, Thailand and Japan, where they are processed into leather for shoes, bags and automobile interiors and also supplies synthetic leathers to leading U.S. automotive interior company.