Metals & Mineral Resources

MAC is engaged in the import, export, domestic and offshore trade of various light metals, non-ferrous metals and ferrous materials and minerals. While our main activities are trading and distribution, we are also intensely involved in a variety of high-technology related businesses and venture projects for various industries.

Our New York City office specializes in the import and export of aluminum and copper products, trading of aluminum ingot and billet in North and South America and import of high grade Low Carbon Ferro Chrome, Aluminum wire rod for the steel industry, metallic powders for sintered automotive parts.

From our Silicon Valley branch, we deal with aluminum substrates for computer hard disk drives (HDDs), polishing pad and slurry for hard disks, polishing pad for CMP applications, gallium arsenide and epi-substrates, various LEDs with wavelengths from 370nm to 1550nm with emphasis on ultra violet (UV) and infrared (IR) technologies, special plastic lenses for LED light fixtures, and various clean room labels etc.


Marubeni Metals & Minerals (Canada), Inc.