Next Generation Business Development

The Next Generation Business Development Unit works closely with the Next Generation Business Development Division in Tokyo on the following strategic objectives:

New Business Development

We are looking to develop new businesses for Marubeni in Industries like Wellness, Sports & Entertainment, Security, and Education/Childcare and/or utilizing digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, eCommerce, FinTech or Blockchain.

Corporate Venture Capital

We hope to create a Corporate Venture Capital initiative in 2019 that will connect Marubeni to ideas and trends in innovation ecosystems globally.

Centers of Excellence

We work as a corporate business administration supporting Marubeni business units in projects in:

+ Data Analytics: We help plan and execute Data Engineering, Data Visualization and Data Analytics projects in cooperation with business units and outside vendors.

+ Blockchain: We help scout new developments that use blockchain for supply chain or business process applications, conduct pilot programs and act as an internal consultant on blockchain within Marubeni.